Moving Towards Healing, Love, Interdependence, and Justice

By Paul Kivel, design by Liz Moore

Love your self.

Love your body.

Love your sexuality, gender expression,
and gender identity.

Love your sexual identity and those it
leads you to.

Value all forms of diversity.

Recognize multiple truths.

Act cooperatively.

Don’t proselytize

Be humble

Expand the possibilities

Reject duality

Challenge hierarchy

Withhold judgement

Honor alternative paths

Let go

Live harmoniously with nature

Work for restorative and transformative

Live simply

Extend your circle of caring to all people

Extend your circle of caring to all life

Recognize the spirit in all things

Use words responsibly

Find pleasure and joy in your life

Return the land to Native peoples

Live lightly in the world

Align and move with the rhythm of the

Remember that children are sacred.