Fort Collins resists Character Education

4866_92158184874_760764_nWhen Character Fort Collins (CFC) decided to bring former Attorney General (under Bush II) John Ashcroft to the city for a “courageous leadership” award, a group of citizens realized there was a dominant Christian framework to the program. Ashcroft, an evangelical Christian, advocated torture, co-authored the USA Patriot Act, and worked to deny reproductive rights and civil liberties during his tenure in office. Research revealed the city had been channeling public funds to the Christian-based program and issuing monthly character proclamations. The local newspaper was printing monthly op-ed pieces extolling the program. After the local group Strength Through Peace held conversations with city officials and initiated a letter to the editor campaign, Ashcroft’s visit was cancelled. The funding and proclamations were discontinued, and the paper no longer published puff pieces on the project. Further work remains as CFC still operates in Fort Collins’ schools and the county jail. (1)

1 Primary source is Fort Collins resident and Strength Through Peace member Cheryl Distaso.

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