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livingintheshadowofthecrossbookcoverLiving in the Shadow of the Cross
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This book exposes how Christian hegemony punishes the poor, criminalizes sexuality, rationalizes destruction of the environment, and contributes to our seemingly endless “war on terror.” It emphasizes the power of people to build strong movements of resistance.  


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Praise for Living in the Shadow of the Cross
New York Journal of Books


“…a powerful, compassionate, yet challenging piece of work… a must read for anyone who is committed to social justice and ameliorating oppression. As a Pastor in the Christian church, I initially wanted to explain away or make excuses, but Paul offers a perspective that feels very familiar to me as one who has felt the impact of White Supremacy and patriarchy.”

—Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, Assistant Pastor, Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore Founding Faculty, Social Justice Training Institute

the_language_of_dominant_christianityThe Language of Dominant Christianity
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The language we use is an indication of the deep structures of the way we think. The vocabulary, phrasings, and both explicit and implicit meanings of English words and concepts reflect our long history and the influence of many cultures, religions, and ideas of both dominant and resistant groups.

Paul Kivel’s “The Language of Dominant Christianity” is an 84-page booklet on the pervasiveness of Christian thought and values in the English language. The majority of the booklet is comprised of an extensive vocabulary list discussing the origin and application of specific words.

This booklet is available in a printed version and as a downloadable PDF. It is part of a larger project to center attention on western Christian hegemony—the everyday, pervasive, deep-seated, and institutionalized dominance of Christian institutions, Christian values, Christian leaders, and Christians as a group. The goal of the project is to promote and support widespread understanding, analysis of, and resistance to this system because its continued operation is a central obstacle to our collective liberation.

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