Parachurch Organizations

Parachurch organizations constitute a vast network of broadly Christian tax-supported non-profits such as hospitals, broadcasting networks, publishing houses, lobbying groups, universities and missionary agencies that wield influence in particular spheres of the US and internationally. Broadly Christian means that most are not tied to a specific denomination.
Because parachurch organizations have non-profit status they are eligible for tax breaks, tax-free donations, and many other exemptions. Because they are religious they are exempt from various kinds of taxes, legal requirements and other regulations that non-religious non-profits are subject to. Many of them receive substantial amounts of government funding for providing social services, medical care, and international aid.
Some parachurch organizations have large membership bases to leverage political influence, others maintain substantial lobbying efforts to influence public policy in the US and elsewhere, while still others have direct political connections to influential policy makers around the world.

A few of the tens of thousands of parachurch organizations are profiled below to give you some idea of the scale and scope of parachurch activity and its contribution to maintaining Christian hegemony:

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World Vision
Family Research Council
The Family
Prison Fellowship
Salvation Army
Campus Crusade for Christ
National Christian Foundation
Family Research Council
Council for National Policy
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Character Training Institute
Alliance Defense Fund/Liberty Counsel/American Center for Law and Justice/Pacific Justice Institute
Christian Broadcasting Network
Christians United for Israel
Christian Hospitals
Character Training Institute/Institute in Basic Life Principles
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Samaritan’s Purse
International Association of Character Cities
The Church of Latter Day Saints
Episcopalian Church
Southern Baptist Convention
The Child Evangelism Fellowship