“Do You Know Your Neighbors? Stopping the Global Culture Wars Here at Home.”


Know Your Neighbors, also known as KYNship, is a new partnership between two national social justice organizations: Political Research Associates and Soulforce. The two organizations joined forces to counter attacks by the U.S Right by providing analysis and educational material as well as sharing opportunities for collaboration, engagement and action. KYNship aims to stop the exportation of American culture wars* though educating and mobilizing justice minded people.

KYNship has developed a comprehensive and thoughtful list of best practices for activists confronting American culture wars – a list that begins with educating oneself on the ways in which right-wing religious conservatives engage to advance their own political agendas and continue the culture of colonization. KYNship’s end-goal is to use a nonviolence framework to end oppression – they believe the people and institutions that currently perpetuate oppression will one day be a force for justice.

For more information on their work and how you can get involved in upcoming events, see the KYNship website.

* Culture wars refers to a conservative tactic to avoid public discussion about economic issues such as inequality, militarism, and racism by declaring that there is a war being waged by feminists, secular humanist, unions, and liberals against traditional values while focusing public attention on the dangers of LGBTTQ rights, women’s equity, immigrant rights, and “big” government.

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