Soulforce is a 20-year-old LGBTQI-focused organization that “works to sabotage Christian Supremacy and end the political and religious oppression of all marginalized people.” They utilize the precepts of nonviolent resistance to challenge Christian hegemony through research, education, creative campaigns, direct action, and “spiritual reclamation and community healing.”

The organization arose out of a desire to free communities from spiritual violence perpetuated by hegemonic Christianity. As an LGBTQI-focused organization, they take a specific approach to challenging Christian supremacy that centers the experiences, creativity, joy, and needs of LGBTQI people. They believe that activism can be a spiritual journey, and recognize the power of religion and faith in society as a catalyst for action.

Soulforce’s work brings them directly to the institutions of the Religious Right, including schools where children are indoctrinated with theĀ ideals of Christian supremacy. They provide workshops to educators, students, religious leaders, community organizations, and more.