Faithful America

“Faithful America: Love they neighbor. No exceptions.”

 logo2xFaithful America is organizing the faithful to take on right-wing extremists and renew the role of the church and those of the Christian faith in building a more free and just society for all. Founded in 2004, the organization’s recent wins include an endorsement from the New York Times for their work challenging the nation’s top Catholic bishop, forcing the Kansas Speaker of the House – who asked his contacts to pray for the death of President Obama – to publicly apologize and put pressure on him not to seek another term in office, and convinced the public television network in Alabama not to air a documentary which retells American history though the lens of the religious right.

Faithful America has provided dozens of opportunities to exercise free speech through online petitions directed at government and church officials, industry, media and schools. To date they have collected over 600,000 signatures of folks joining in the to call to silence the hateful political agenda of the religious right.

For more information on their work and how you can get involved immediately by signing one of their petitions, see the Faithful America website or visit their active Facebook page.

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